Innovation Tech Academy

Innovation Tech Academy is an online non-for-profit institution dedicated to education through technology, focusing in the areas of IoT (Internet of Things), network security, hacking, and digital citizenship among several other subjects.

We specialize in responsible technology use, digital citizenship, project-based learning, and collaborative communication that augment higher order learning and thinking skills.

All courses consist of two primary components beyond the subject matter:

  1. Incorporating technology tools and its appropriate use, and
  2. Effective student communication methods.

At Innovation Tech Academy, students are essentially motivated to be creators, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and promoters of safe and appropriate use of technology. Our teachers are highly skilled in technology integration and teach in a transformative way, taking a student-centered approach to education that enhances collaborative and higher order thinking skills.

Learning Environment

Innovation Tech Academy is focused on individualized curriculum and instruction where students progress at their own speed. Classes are conducted using an online platform that is centered on a project based learning model. The courses are structured along guided narrated powerpoints, short videos, and infographs along with discussion posts, short online quizzes, and a variety of educational games. These games have been specifically designed to reinforce the courses' learning objectives.

Furthermore, students are engaged in course work through project based learning to augment critical thinking skills, problem solving, and innovative thinking. At Innovation Tech Academy we motivate students to be creators.